CARE TEAM, Inc., founded in Tampa, Florida in 1988,
is a State licensed Home Health Agency.  We are
licensed to provide skilled nursing services, including
specialty infusions, throughout the west-central and
north-central region of Florida.  We currently serve
eleven counties (click on link to the right).
Click below to visit our home health
corporate website:
The most important time of our lives is that moment
we have with our children.  Make every moment
count, no matter how difficult or trying.  Our
children are meant to be cherished now and forever.  
                                      CARE TEAM MANAGEMENT
The Stoker Family founded Care Team in 1988 and have managed
ever since.  Founding Matriarch (standing) is Georgienne S. Kraemer,
from left to right: Scott Stoker, Craig Stoker, Frank Stoker (President),
Michelle Stoker-Perry and Mark Stoker,